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 AL KAHFI ISLAMIC SCHOOL (AIS) Batam is a private educational school dedicated to providing quality education for children that implement the Islamic Methodology in Batam, Kepulauan Riau – Indonesia. It started on July 2012, serve more than 300 students with a team of 60 teachers, administrators, and staff.

AIS is seeking dynamic, multi-disciplinary team, instructional leaders with a history of working collaboratively with educators, administrators, staff, students, and communities to promote a positive school culture.

Benefit :

  1. The benefit include a competitive salary according to skill and experience
  2. The role offer excellent career progression oportunities
  3. Flexible benefit scheme

Vacant Position :

  1. Secretary of Educational Director (SED)
  2. Primary School Principal (PSP)

Secretary of Educational Director (SED)

  • Qualification & Experience :
  1. Moslem Ahlussunnah
  2. Degree / preferably Master Degree
  3. Have more than 2 years experience as a School Principal
  4. Have experience of people management and ability to lead and develop a team
  5. Able to work autonomously with excellent communication in English, including technical report writing skill
  • Job Descriptions :
  1. Report to Educational Director
  2. Support the Educational Director in the development of the learning and teaching community (LTC)
  3. Assist in the facilitation of the LTC meeting
  • Others
  1. Support the work of management team
  2. Plan and organizes LTC meetings with the Educational Director
  3. Attends planning meeting with Educational Director
  4. Network with other principal
  5. MUST be current principal

Primary School Principal (PSP)

  • Qualification & Experience :
  1. Moslem Ahlussunnah
  2. Degree / preferably Master Degree
  3. Recognized teaching qualification and at least 2 years full-time teaching experience
  4. Have excellent communication both in English and Arabic
  5. Able to lead and develop a team
  • Job Descriptions :
  1. Report to the Educational Director
  2. Plan and manage the school programme throughout the year
  3. Optimize the human and environmental source in school


Interest applicant can may apply to :

HRD Yayasan Islam Al Kahfi Batam , Jl. RH Sugandhi 1 MKGR Batu Aji or Email to

Contact Person :

  1. 0813-6463-7622
  2. 0812-7019-6665

Please include a cover letter that indicate the position applied for.